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Severstal-Metiz Increases Large Fastener Manufacture

2014-07-25  |  Author : provided by Metiz  |  Class : 俄羅斯新聞
Severstal-Metiz has recently installed the new equipment for large fastener manufacture. The increase in capacity allows to fulfil a growing demand for fasteners in connection with buildingsfor the FIFA World Cup in 2018.
The installation of equipment (i.e. the new Belgian bolt production line) is a next-stage development of manufacturinglarge-diameter fasteners. The first batch of fasteners made by the new equipment has been already shipped to the client. 
The first stage of the large project of fastener manufacture was the hot heading press for nut manufacture in the beginning of April. The installation of three nut-tapping lines will become the final phase of such project. 
At the expense of manufacturing capacity, it is planned to not only increase the output of large rod products, but also manufacture new kinds of fasteners, as well as raise the general efficiency of the available equipment.
“The demand for large fasteners will grow when taking the preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2018 into account, so we plan to increase the presence in the market with products for building. Manufacture of fasteners is a highly competetive sector and  that's why we constantly develop and make all aspects of our activities perfect. Modernisation of manufacture in this case becomes a logical step to strengthening our position in the market,”comments Alexander Shevelev, General Director of Severstal-Metiz.
Severstal-Metiz Expands Fastener Range
Severstal-Metiz has recently expanded the product range of welded connectors, by manufacturing shear connectors of a new standard size.
A large amount of connectors with 16mm in diameter and 100/150mm in lengthhave been shipped to the client. Before the shipment, the connectors already passed quality control in the test laboratory of the Oryol platform in the presence of the bridge inspector.
The product range of Severstal-Metiz so far has included connectors F22х150, F22 х 175, and F22 х 200. These fasteners are used on various buildings including Podolsko-Voskresenskij Bridge in Kiev and Highway М10 on a Pushkino-Kolpino section in Russia. Further expansion of the range of shear connectors used in civil buildings will be supported by the development of new lengths and diameters including F19.
Realisation of connectors deliveries became possible after a successful passage of necessary tests. A number of shear connectors of Severstal-Metiz have been tested in the laboratory of E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute established byUkrainian National Academy of Sciences, and also at the Voronezh laboratory of Transport Building Research Institute.
Severstal-Metiz wasthe first among the Russian producers to produce shear connectors for steel-reinforced bridges, and today its products have no analogues in Russia and the CIS countries. Its possibilities regarding engineering production and the equipment allow it to constantly expand the range of products and manufacture all new standard sizes specially under designs including strategic characters,” comments Alexander Shevelev, General Director of Severstal-Metiz.
Severstal-Metiz Produces High-Strength Fasteners for CSKA Stadium in Moscow
Severstal-Metiz has expanded the  range of high-strength fasteners by manufacturing the first batch of products atGrade 12.9. Its specialists developed and manufactured the new products of the required strength with the engineering of metal heat treatment from a special brand. Thus,fasteners at Grade 12.9 in accordance with GOST Р 52644−52646−2006 in the Russian Federation at this moment are produced only by Severstal-Metiz.
The first batch of fasteners with increased strength are intended to be installedon a stadium in Tyumen (Russia). Another shipment tothe stadium "CSKA" in Moscow was alsopreviously planned to be completed in May. Furthermore,  it is supposed to increase volumes of product deliveries for other buildings and construction at the expense of production capacitystarting from May 2014
Now the Orel platform of Severstal-Metiz is able to manufacture fasteners of various classes of strength with various coverings (e.g. zinc galvanized, zinc thermo-diffusion, hot-galvanized) of differnt thicknessesupon customers’ requests. The high-strength fasteners in accordance with GOST Р 52644−52646−2006 classes of strength have been delivered for several large sports construction including arenas for the Winter Olympic Games and a lane for "Formula1" in Sochi, Stadium "Zenith" in Saint-Petersburg, and "Spartak" in Moscow.
Expansion of the range of high-strength fasteners can be attributed to the investments in development of fastener manufacture starting from 2008. The equipment installed allows us to constantly improve theavailable engineering production and expand our range of products,” considers Alexander Shevelev, General Director of Severstal-Metiz. 

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